The Neolithic Age and Maya Civilization History

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Trying to discover obscure mysteries of the neolithic age, principally here within the North American Continent, is a overwhelming chore. It is a disputated subject among several proficient people and novices alike. What we have revealed proceeds beyond even what we understand ancient accounts of the former americans to be.

Our Neolithic Revolution Compared to Mayan Civilization.
Tho' the neolithic revolution was quite a many years from when mayan people had began to appear into existence, it is inside of this era when mayan civilization began. It was inside these societies where the cropping of beans, corn, squash, and several more plants became present inside South America. The purpose for the equivalence between maya civilization and the Neolithic Age comes in part of the numerous breakthroughs started inside the Western part of the United States. The tools made, the weapons forged, the art, stone work, and much of the extra stuff that we have discovered are significantly a percentage of the stone age. What's the reason? Because of the rock work that is so deeply created, which connects primarily to Neolithic age and Paleolithic age.
So, the comparability of how mayan civilization did mathematics, art, astrology, and writing was a lot more developed than now days and interrelates to a great extent to what we have found here in the United States. Many things were formed within painting, carved into stone or the such, to depict their alphabet or specific methods. They are absolutely the pure descendants of the new stone age (neolithic revolution). A number of of our finds, we can give equivalence to the mayan relatives and Mayan civilization. It is a great piece in discovering this encounter. Why is this? Because the discoveries compare with enormous significance to each of maya and neolithic.
Information about the Neolithic Revolution
The Neolithic Revolution (New Stone Age) roughly began about 8000 to 6000 BC. It was introduced by the paleolithic age when the stone was crafted in a harsher kind, in comparison to the neolithic age.
As life turned from the Stone Age into the New Stone Age, tool and stone work became alot smoother, further multifarious, and more neat. The masses in the Neolithic age also became more settled inside society, which it allowed them to study and have experimentation with shaping and forming types of their stone tools. This was a contrast to their descandants of the Paleolithic era which were less the type to settle than the people in the Neolithic Revolution.
The routine of finding these hidden mysteries of the Neolithic Revolution can be time consuming and a very hard piece of work. Professional archeologist and novices are awe struck at everything that's been developed and revealed here inside the U.S. continent. There isn't an explanation that can be made at some of the discoveries that have taken place. It takes discerning the Neolithic period in a immersed vision to really accommodate to the american history of ancient times that is being represented here. 
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William Shira is a long time archeologist of the Neolithic Revolution and of the history of the ancients who inhabited the American continents. Many discoveries are being made on the U.S. that give us better understanding of the Neolithic Age and lighten our minds to greater heights that history hasn't yet portrayed. In other words, this would change the history books as we know them. Many of the finds can compare significantly to Mayan Civilization since they are from the lineage of the neolithic period. 

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The Neolithic Age and Maya Civilization History

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This article was published on 2012/10/04